Management Team

The promoters have many decades of combined experience in the retail sector, particularly liquor retail and operations. This group of promotors have a different strategy in business, which applies more to Liquor Retail. The have learned that the more is power in the business to obtain the best from the vendors.

They strongly believe the art of business is not in charging the customer more, but getting the best price from the vendors to attract more customers. Once a happy customer is always a customer forever. The locations are carefully selected to build a permanent customer base.

Based on the above the project have been taken forward to forward with a chain of stores under the brand name ‘JELLOS’ which provides an unique experience to every customer in the neighbourhood, bringing in the product every customer wish for if available in market. They believe that no customer should walk out empty handed on his visit and the choice will be available at the next visit, if the product is legally available.

Sibu Tom

PRESIDENT & chief executive officer

Mr. Tom Serves as the President and Chief Executive officer of the group. As the CEO, he has the overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of an organization.

Tom has more than 20 years of business experience. He completed his graduation from MG University Kerala. He pursued his college while he was fully engaged in business of trading and distribution. He migrated to the US in the beginning of 2015. He started his career in US by taking up various retail related jobs. He started his first convenient store by the end of the year. Now with his vast experience, dedication and hard work he proudly owns a chain of convenient stores, gas stations and liquor outlets. His goal is to have more than 100 stores in next few years.

Bejoy Joseph

chief finance & operations officer

Engaged as the  Chief Finance and Operations Officer, Joseph is responsible for the overall Finance, Administration and Business operations of the group. In addition to these, he plays a pivotal role in strategic planning and strengthening of the shared and support services of the group companies.

Bejoy is a seasoned Finance, Accounting and Administrative professional having more than twenty years of international experience with diversified industries. He is a multitasker handling finances of Jellos Group, along with handling general administration of the group companies. He moved to the US in 2016, worked with private and public sector in the past years. Prior to the relocation to Houston, he has worked in the UK, Dubai, Doha and India, where he has participated in Equity placement, Bond Markets & Private Funding. He is professionally qualified as a Chartered Accountant from India after obtaining his Bachelors in Accounting. He also holds various Certifications to his credit – Information Systems Auditing, Accounting (ACCA – UK) and Education Finance (Georgetown University, Washington DC).

Mathew C Mathew

Director, Operations

Mathew, in his role as Director of Operations will ensure the day to day smooth operation of the group. He has pivotal role in purchasing, vendor and inventory management. Working closely with senior management to meet company objectives, he oversees all operations to ensure that consistent, efficient workflows are in place, yielding optimal productivity and performance.

After his graduation in  Economics  from Mahatma Gandhi University, Mathew started his career as an educator. His passion for business made him to venture out to business and started his venture which he started soon after his college days. He owned multiple retail and trading outlets in Kerala.  He moved to the UK in 2009 and continued to venture out his passion in multiple business. After about a decade he moved across the Atlantic to the land of opportunities in 2014, to settle down in Houston. He started out as at his passion at convenience stores and now owns a chain of retail outlets and Liquor stores.

Rimal Thomas


Rimal oversees Business Development as Director, Lead the planning and implementation of all sales and promotional program efforts, create effective marketing methods, and increasing sponsorship. The management has also entrusted him with additional responsibility of adherence to Jellos brand standards by every outlet.

Rimal is a business person by choice. He moved to New York from India in 2012 as part of family migration just after his graduation at a very young age, where he learned the tricks of the trade in Retail and Restaurant industry. He moved to Houston by 2015 when his immediate family decided to enjoy the sunny south. After gaining his initial work experience from New York, which he continued here also. He took the decision to be an entrepreneur at his first chance which he came across in the same year itself where he ventured into his first retail outlet. Hard work and dedication to be successful was the key factors to his growth. He now owns and manages a number of retail outlets and Liquor outlets.

James Thekkenat


James plays a pivotal role as Director of Human Resources and Acting to support the human factor in the company by devising strategies for performance evaluation, staffing, training and development and ensuring compliance with regulations. He will oversee assessing staffing needs, employee management, employee hire and retention, designing training programs, and developing compensation plans. He ensures that one of the group values is adhered to – Our team members are key to success.

James is not a new face to businesses. He is born to a family who owns variety of retail outlets for decades. He was actively in politics also doing charity work with leading multiple charitable organizations. He holds a Bachelors degree in Law and Masters degree in Social work from India. However, later he had to make a choice whether to continue with political career or his business – he chose business. He is immigrated to US in 2007. His initial business base was in Florida. From their he moved to his current city Houston to expand his business. He currently owns chain of retail outlets, convenience stores, and liquor stores.

Suman Thomas CPA


As the chair of the board, his primary role is to provide leadership and governance to the Board, establish good corporate governance practices and procedures and promote the highest standards of integrity, probity and corporate governance throughout the Group

Thomas needs no introduction and is well known among the business community as a practicing CPA and shrewd investor. He is one of the easy to approach persons with a vast knowledge of Tax matters in the near vicinity. Suman has been a practicing CPA for over a decade in Missouri City. After obtaining his Bachelors and Master from India in 2000 he was been practicing as an accountant in Bombay India. He moved with his family to Houston in 2000 and obtained his CPA licensure in 2005. Alongside his practice he dedicates his time in the business interests he has acquired over time. His current portfolio include Retail, Agricultural and Farm business.